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Commercial lighting systems are heavy duty lighting which is used to light factories, offices, stations, hotels, churches and even football stadiums. Commercial lighting has been around even since the natural light of the sun was inadequate and meant that work cannot continue into the night. With more and more high rises and other commercial establishments coming into the fore demand for artificial lighting increased. In the early 1920′s commercial establishments would keep less lights inside to save the huge costs of energy. However later on in a research it was revealed that the amount of the lighting directly affected the amount of production for the workers. Thus demand for lighting went up with bigger stands and arrangements. With the induction of the florescent lights the commercial establishments started using them as they produced lpw than the incandescent lamps. The domestic sectors were still skeptical about using them as they were more expensive than the incandescent lamps. They loved the cheaper incandescent lamps which gave out warm lights. During the 1970′s energy crisis the domestic sectors were starting to use more of the fluorescent varieties. However later due to the stagnant design development of the device called ballast which controls the amount of electricity passing through the tube, replacement of old tubes with the new improved ones became a headache. Changing to new tubes meant changing the whole setup including the ballast. Things became to such a pass that people started using the old incandescent lamps again. However manufacturers quickly started working on it and designed new tubes and built new tubes which can run more efficiently on the same ballast and fixtures.

Industrial lighting based on fluorescent lamps has come a long way since the early days. Improved performance based on new technology has yielded better energy saving products. For example the new LED signage product range offered by one of the giants in the lighting business. The LED replaces the older and less energy efficient Neon lighting systems which consumed up to 40% more power. These lights are molded to suit the specific requirements and are step ahead in the pursuit to manufacture more energy saving lighting solutions. LED lighting systems would surely be one of the finest creations and one of the best ways to reduce energy consumptions. They are bright, use less energy and are also cheap. Thus they are a wonderful replacement for the standard incandescent and fluorescent lighting systems.

The developments in the commercial lighting systems have been put to good use with giant football fields adequately illuminated using floodlights. Airports, stations and other giant establishments including bridges, warehouses, and rescue operations are all illuminated using commercial lighting. Today’s industry and trade thrives on the power of our commercial lighting systems and the effectiveness with which the lighting systems are energy saving and are thus money saving. With powerful devices as rechargeable portable floodlights, LED lighting systems for streets, lighting solutions for class I, II and III hazardous working areas and many more, commercial lighting solutions have reached every nook and corner of the industrial spectrum.

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Empire Lighting Resources has just completed upgrading the lighting at Farina Orthodontics 4,000 sf clinic. Farina was relatively energy efficient from a lighting perspective as they were already using T8 linear fixtures and CFL fixture for the recessed can lighting. However, the light was not sufficient for the staff.


With the switch to VIZ-A-LITE  High Vision lamps and LED lighting to replace the halogen down lights, Empire enabled Farina to save an additional $2,500 per year in energy savings at current power rates while dramatically improving the quality of light.


The staff was delighted with the change. In addition, color rendering, extremely important for matching shades, was significantly increased. 



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Commercial lighting is the process of the creative use of lights and fixtures for the design of spaces for commercial purposes. This includes unique utilization and management of lights and its accompanying fittings in order to attain a specific look and atmosphere for the designated place.

The subject of commercial lighting designs would include offices, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, specialty shops, bookstores and cafes. It is a matter that would especially interest architects, interior decorators, design students, as well as the business owners themselves.

The point of the exercise of commercial lighting is to incorporate one\’s preferences with the look required for a particular public space. A classic example would be a five-star restaurant that boasts of a world class chef.

For fine dining experience, the lighting approach would usually pertain to subtle and dramatic highlights which are usually appealing to patrons. Also, this type of approach would be relevant for those interested in romantic dinner dates.

Naturally, lighting for a five-star restaurant would be a far cry from the approach for a fast food chain. Usually, one can expect bright and cheery lights for this kind of establishments. This matches the fast-paced ambience that one can find in the said establishments.

Considering that what is at stake would be available for public scrutiny, it is essential that one must employ or engage the services of professional commercial lighting designers. This would ensure that one\’s personal tastes would be taken into account with regard to the lighting of the commercial space.

Lighting experts would know how to play with the available materials and designs in order to achieve optimum effect. They would also know other approaches that could give the business owners a wider range of options to choose from.

In sum, commercial lighting makes a case for taking advantage of light resources to showcase the beauty and attractiveness of the specific commercial space. While there are a lot of options available for business owners as to how to go about lighting their businesses, it is still recommended that one hires a commercial lighting designer. This would guarantee that there will be no clashing of styles. Thus, the public place would be shown to its best advantage.

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Empire Lighting Resources has just completed the makeover of Badar’s Hair ‘N’ All, a full service hair salon. The staff regularly complained about the poor lighting. The owner thought she had solved the problem by adding more fixtures and still more fixtures until the salon looked cluttered.  ELR, using VIZ-A-LITE High Vision lamps, implemented a design to give the staff the light needed to do their detailed work and reduce the layers of light fixtures. 

The result of the makeover is a brighter, less congested and more pleasant atmosphere for both the employees and patrons.

Pinnacle Building Group, Inc., a cabinet manufacturer, was looking for ways to curb office energy costs and to improve the lighting in their manufacturing area.  The manufacturing area was under-lit and needed additional fixtures, while the office needed a better quality of light. By using Viz-A-Lite High Vision fluorescent lamps, Empire Lighting Resources was able to reduce from 4 to 2 T12 lamps in each of the office ceiling fixtures.  This change resulted in an energy savings of 50% while increasing the usable light. In the manufacturing area, Empire Lighting Resources increased the number of 8′ fixtures from 4 to 12. The 2-lamp T12 fixtures, with Enhanced Aluminum reflectors were re-configured to best light the critical work areas.  The manufacturing area benefits included greater productivity, increased safety, decreased errors and injuries.


Before Image

After Image

After Image

Highlands Christian Academy, with a student enrollment that ranges from 3-K through grade12, utilizes their gymnasium all day. Due to soaring energy and maintenance costs, Highlands looked for ways to reduce expenses. Empire Lighting Resources suggested replacing their 36 existing energy consuming 455 watt metal halide fixtures with 192 watt hi-bay T8 fluorescent reflector fixtures with Viz-A-Lite High Vision fluorescent lamps.

By replacing the fixtures, Highlands will save over $7,000 per year in energy costs derived from the combination of the energy-efficient fixtures and heat load reduction. Also, a result of the greatly enhanced brightness of the new lighting system, Highlands will need to only light one-half of the fixtures during daily use. This translates to additional savings of up to 80% of their current overall lighting costs.

Study Lights



Many of like to settle down comfortably in some favorite corner of the house and spend some time reading books or magazines we love. All of us have some reading and writing to do at some point of time. These two activities put a strain on our eyes and thus what is needed is proper lighting to reduce the strain. Adequate desk lighting is a must for students for long hours of night study. Here are a few tips on how the lighting should be while studying, writing or working on a computer:

  • Lighting should be bright and must be focused on to the area where you are working.
  • Use task lighting as it is focused and does not create any shadows. This lighting illuminates only the work surface like the study table.
  • Use halogen bulbs as experts consider them the best to illuminate reading material.
  • Using fluorescent bulbs is better than using incandescent bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs last longer, save electricity and are now available in a variety of colors.
  • Right-handed individuals should place the light on their left hand side and vice versa. This is to ensure that the shadow of the hand does not fall the pages.
  • You should sit upright and read with the material at a distance of about 14 to 18 inches away from the eyes.
  • For long night study one should choose glare-free task lighting.
  • As an individual grows older his eyes become weaker. Thus older people need more light for reading and writing.

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Installing a proper lighting system for your business is almost a science so it is important to consult with a professional for the best commercial lighting tips available. Typically a business requires more lighting and special considerations than a home in a residential area. Not only do you have to deal with indoor lighting for both employee and customer needs, but also outdoor lighting as well.

Lighting needs for businesses are likely to be similar whether you work in a mid-sized city or a larger one like Atlanta. Electricians with proper certification and training will help you navigate your journey through choosing the proper type of lights for both indoor and outdoor situations as well as the best installation locations. They will also be able to take into account current ambient lighting, the right lamp technology, choosing the right controls such as motion sensor or timers, fixture configurations, proper visibility and more.

Inside Lighting Considerations

One of the most important commercial lighting tips to consider is emergency exit lighting. What happens when your business loses power due to an outage or an emergency like a fire? You and your employees need to be able to see to safely exit the building. Exit signs and lights with battery back-ups are ideal in this situation.

Licensed, professional electrical contractors in Atlanta and elsewhere in the country can help you choose the appropriate lighting scheme for your business indoors, whether you have a small shop which requires illuminated front window displays or a warehouse type of facility with larger, brighter lighting needs. For instance, for large, open spaces, you might be presented with options like high intensity discharge (HID) lights or fluorescent high bay fixtures.

Outdoor Options for Commercial Applications

As a business owner, you have to be cognizant of how your outdoor lighting affects your commercial neighbors, surrounding traffic areas and even nearby suburban neighborhoods. An improperly installed floodlight may inadvertently blind drivers at night, shine brightly into nearby homes or create shadowed areas around an illuminated area. Wallpack lights installed on the side of buildings may present similar problems.

A professional electrician from your area will likely understand and take into account city codes and laws which govern construction and commercial lighting. Tips may include installing wallbox lighting or shielded fixtures that aim illumination downward instead of upward and outward, which is basically useless. Downlighting signage and using internally lighted signs are additional outdoor options.

If you are looking at eco-friendly and energy efficient lighting for your business, an electrician can present options to you for review. For instance, you can install programmed lighting which shuts off at a certain time every day or motion-activated lighting which turns on only when a person enters a room. The same principle applies for parking lot and business entrance lighting after-hours.

The bottom line is that an electrical contractor can help you with a number of commercial lighting tips and even steer you in the right direction should you need to apply for permits. With professional lighting help, you will not only be able to comply with the law but save money and energy in the long run.

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Empire Lighting Resources recently completed upgrading the lighting at Regency Travel in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. By converting the existing four lamp T12 fixtures using standard fluorescents with two energy-efficient VIZ-A-LITE High Vision fluorescents, ELR reduced the lighting energy consumption used by 50%, saving  Regency Travel almost $2,000.00 per year in electrical costs and a payback of only 8 months.


Empire Lighting Resources has completed an energy saving and security enhancing project with Anytime Fitness of Tampa, Florida. ELR  replaced the existing energy consuming 458 watt metal halide fixtures with 192 watt hi-bay T8 fluorescent reflector fixtures with VIZ-A-LITE High Vision fluorescent lamps.  

Anytime Fitness, open 24/7, will consume 60% less energy to light their facility, saving over $8,000 per year. The savings are derived from the combination of the energy-efficient fixtures and heat load reduction. Anytime Fitness’s security has been greatly improved as result of the no-glare high vision lighting that enhances what the surveillance cameras pick up.

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